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Just run by a co-worker’s desk, reach over and hit Ctrl-Alt-up or down to rotate their monitor orientation.

If you have some alone time, you can one-up it by also going into the Control Panel and setting their mouse to left-handed.

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Create a text file with an amusing message and throw it in there so your cubicle mate will get a daily greeting — or, if you really want to get evil, add in the restart shortcut from above (not recommended unless you just want to get your ass kicked). The desktop image trick has been around for a bit, but rest assured: There are plenty of unsuspecting victims still to be found.

Just head over to an unattended computer, minimize all the windows, and hit the Print Screen key.

Edit the properties and change the target to: “%windir%\system32\-r -t 00″ Now, every time your buddy tries to run IE, his machine will mysteriously restart — and your laughter will instantly result.

While we’re on the topic of system startups, the Windows Startup folder is a fantastic place for fun.

A small investment will have a big payoff with the Think Geek Annoy-a-Tron.

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