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Moreover, the heterogeneousness of Pythagorean doctrines has been well documented ever since Heracleitus, a classic early 5th-century Greek philosopher who, scoffing at Pythagoras’s wide-ranging knowledge, said that it “does not teach one to have intelligence.” There probably never existed a strictly uniform system of Pythagorean philosophy and religious beliefs, even if the school did have a certain internal organization.

Pythagoras appears to have taught by pregnant, cryptic transmigration of souls provided a basis for the Pythagorean way of life.

The psychological associations at work here have not been clarified.

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Some Pythagoreans deduced from this belief the principle of “the kinship of all beings,” the ethical implications of which were later stressed in 4th-century speculation.

Pythagoras himself seems to have claimed a semidivine status in close association with the superior god Apollo; he believed that he was able to remember his earlier incarnations and, hence, to know more than others knew.

The character of the original Pythagoreanism is controversial, and the conglomeration of disparate features that it displayed is intrinsically confusing.

Its fame rests, however, on some very influential ideas, not always correctly understood, that have been ascribed to it since antiquity.

But there were also attempts to arrange a certain minimum number of pebbles so as to represent the shape of a thing—as, for instance, stars in a constellation that seem to represent an animal.

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