Dating game parody

by  |  21-Oct-2019 16:18

Finally, it’s down to Jordan from Arizona and Victoria from Rhode Island.Travis wonders out loud if Jordan is so beautiful that she won’t put in any effort trying to woo him, and then ponders if Victoria is meant for the friend zone.An absurd mixture of choose-your-own-adventure and dating sim mechanics, Monster Prom offers one-to-four person local multiplayer.

Dating game parody

Over eight episodes, Travis (the Kansas City Chiefs tight end who was once fined $11,000 for making an obscene gesture during a game) will narrow down a field of 50 women to “the girl of his dreams.” Honestly, the show is just as morally questionable as “The Bachelor” or any other reality dating series.

In this case, however, it’s so absurd that it’s pointless for viewers to sigh about how it’s contributing to the downfall of TV and/or humanity.

Today I learned that competitive dating sims not only exist, but are wildly specific in their focus.

At least that’s the impression I came away with after checking out the Kickstarter campaign for Beautiful Glitch’s Monster Prom.

Remember that “30 Rock” episode where Tina Fey’s character reveals that her one-woman show about Frederick Douglass was deemed “too confusing to be offensive”?

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