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I fear that we are rapidly heading down the same path, unless more people, like you, realize that what God wants ought to matter because God has our best interest in mind.I've noticed that people tend to play fast and loose with word definitions.I know self-restraint isn’t a popular virtue to cultivate.

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It has never been a problem to stop before thinking about sex, but is foreplay really a sin because it is unclean? I congratulate you on your desire to do what is right.

That alone is half the battle, but far too many today do not consider matters of right or wrong.

Some of these couples I only see on Facebook these days, but there are plenty of others whom I still see in person.

In fact, I’m actually friends with the husbands of several of the women I dated.

Instead, they follow their desires, wherever they might lead.

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I want to be "ready" in God's timing, so I won't go through as much struggels we in society see in marriages. This means handling your anger, your frustration, and, certainly, your rejection.…
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When the townspeople heard what was happening they all got together and 'showered' the couple with all the necessities they would need to set up their home.…
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