Dating for airline employees

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Be prepared to depart out of a nearby city if you get stuck out of your preferred city.

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Getting to New York on a Monday morning may have you getting to know random airport employees instead.

These peak travel time are packed like biscuits in a can with for business travelers.

Most, if not all, airlines earn additional revenue through cargo (mail, human remains, animals, kitchen sinks). If the plane meets their maximum weight after all paying passengers and cargo have been calculated, some non-revs may be left behind. Another reason you may not even be able to use a buddy pass is some dates, cities, and/or countries are embargoed and buddy passes cannot be used when these restrictions are in place. If you check your bags and your bags are lost, you may be SOL. Most don’t allow name changes, so make sure if you get one, you provide your government name and complete all travel prior to its’ expiration.

Embargoes can happen at any time for any reason even after you’ve been ticketed. The airline, as part of the terms and conditions for traveling on their buddy pass, may exclude you from being compensated for lost bags. Buddy passes are not always the most economical flight option.

Tuck away $300-500 in case you must purchase a secondary ticket to a second city out of which you can travel or you need to pay for extra nights in a hotel. If Sydney or South Africa is your destination of choice, $500 may not be enough, so be prepared to sleep in the airport. And, don’t have an attitude if you’re separated by one seat or even 30 rows. Don’t expect a revenue passenger, even if they may have paid less than you, to be moved to accommodate you.

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