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Now, Suchomel had a pituitary tumor, so it isn’t completely out of the question that she might die.What was so peculiar was the fact that she died after posting a compelling eyewitness report that digresses wildly from the official story. (It has since been removed from Facebook.) Suchomel left behind a husband and a 3-year-old little girl.

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But it’s impossible to deny that there certainly is a very strange series of coincidences.

Before we delve into these deaths, let’s recap some other strange facts: I went into more detail about these oddities here.

After Ms Lv uploaded the clip onto her Instagram account last week, it quickly became popular because some people claimed they had seen a ghost lurking in the background.

Ms Lv, a Canadian-Chinese singer, told Mail Online she had to watch the video several times to spot the alleged ghoulish creature, 'but once I saw it, I was terrified'.'When I think about it now, I still feel a little creepy,' said Ms Lv, who graduated from The University of British Columbia.

The 5ft4in singer said she was informed of the ghostly image by her fans on Instagram.

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