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So it's almost like post traumatic stress disorder. It's interesting to see one's work on TV as opposed to real life.

I'm not a fortune teller, but it's certainly a little bizarre at the moment. Like I went to Target the other day and people were like, "Awww, I know you." I can't really go anywhere without people saying things to me, which is nice because people have been really positive. I guess I kind of cringe at the way that things are edited, but mostly when I'm watching I want to say that it is like reliving everything all over agan.

MD: It's not strange to be recognized; it's just expected. I'm not an introvert, but I like to have a normal life and I don't know that it will be what most people would consider a normal life for a while. Um, I don't cringe at my voice, but I kind of cringe when I'm like "Wow, I look really tired" or like in the first episode I looked super nervous.

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I'm not saying that they are all bad, but like for me I focus on the negative things people say. Do you secretly wish you could go into hiding until the finale? I think I'm OK, and I have grown to have a fondness for St. It took me while -- maybe you shouldn't put that in -- but like I mean it has grown on me. maybe I'm rambling, I don't know, but what I'm trying to say is that basically, no, I'm not going into hiding, and it's really nice, and I'd like to give back to that community that's supported me, so I'm not going into hiding. I was in my studio working away, but I think everyone else I know was there. MD: All you have to do is grow a beard put some glasses and a hat on and you look like Michael Drummond. There are different versions of me out there; I'm kind of a generic white guy. Someone said something along the lines that you have to give them something for them to do something with it (i.e. Like I just like to joke around and cause trouble, but in fun. I, literally, had the worst spot in the entire room.

I had to search out the good things, and to see the support for AJ and me has been really humbling and charming, you know. So the report that you were at the Black Eyed Peas concert is true? make you look bad), but any one of us could have looked bitchy (with editing). Have you been surprised by what others said about you? And then for the second challenge, I wasn't happy with my dress, and here comes Tim, and it's the first time we get to talk about my work and I'm kind of beside myself a little bit and then the party glitter challenge happened and I had all this dynamite stuff to work with and we get to the register and Tim says (Michael speaks in a deep professorial tone) "Don't make it a costume." And I had to get rid of a lot of great stuff because I was afraid that I would be outed, and so I made this tin can dress that no one liked ... and so I could see so many times in Tim's face, "What are you doing? He's sweet, but I think Tim thought I was crazy kind of.

Louis Fashion Week with his knitware-based line, The Exquisite Corpse. Louis Fashion Week with his knitware-based line, The Exquisite Corpse. Find out why Tim Gunn thinks he's crazy, if he really thinks Gretchen is a bitch, what he'd do if he left fashion, how rich he is and who's in his new pool of dating prospects. Do you really think you could have planned for that? There was so much to think about all the time anyway, like how am I sounding, is my posture OK.

That makes two challenges in a row where Drummond has finished on top. I'm watching how nervous I am, and I remember how hard it was to just do the challenges sometimes and seeing that and seeing my friends on the show in their moments when maybe they are making it or maybe they are not making it so well, and it makes me relive it and it's very stressful. Certain garments translate better in real life and certain garments translate better to TV, which is really interesting because I remember watching them on the runway and then watching them on TV and thinking, "Oh my god, that dress looks fabulous now." So that's an interesting dynamic that's silly to me; I didn't think about.

I can't accept them all the time, so I go to my computer and do a mass acceptance like every week. I just decided to watch it as if it happened yesterday with my friends to hear how they perceived things, and so far they say that they are portraying me as pretty intelligent, which is great. the sound of your voice or something they caught you saying that?

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