christian dating when to say i love you - Dating capricorn woman

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Often, Cappy delivers zingers that go to the stark truth about the human conditions.

If you can elevate her, or elicit a throaty laugh, with your own humor, you're on your way. The old soul young Capricorn girl matures into a classic woman.

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The weight of her personality needs time to fully inhabit, and she seems to lighten up, as she goes.

Just like a fine wine or cheese, she gets better with age.

You'll impress her with stories of times you've persevered, or what you're building up in your life.

and works with that, and is a bad match for a dreamer whose feet are not firmly on the ground.

Some of the early dates can be like tests -- her serious nature weeds out those just looking for fun. Cappy women have a public face that allows them to be successful on a large scale.

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