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In a study published online May 8 by the journal , Rokas and graduate student Leonidas Salichos analyze the reasons for these differences and propose a suite of novel techniques that can resolve the contradictions and provide greater accuracy in deciphering the deep branches of life’s tree.

is supported by fellowship from the Science without Borders program (CAPES/Brazil).

A Bayes method for simultaneous estimation of the species divergence times and current and ancestral population sizes.

These authors provide intriguing insights into our standard analytical toolbox, and suggest it may be time to abandon some of our most trusted tools when it comes to the analysis of big data sets.

This significant work will certainly challenge the community of evolutionary biologists to rethink how best to reconstruct phylogeny,” said Michael F.

Phylogeneticists have long understood that several biological processes can cause a gene tree to disagree with its species tree. Explicitly models the multispecies coalescent, coestimating multiple gene trees within a shared species tree and effective population sizes of extant and extinct populations in a Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo framework.

Dating branches on the tree of life using dna

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