Dating boredom

by  |  17-Aug-2020 11:21

I also value my down time and would rather relax alone then go meet someone I'm not really into.

I've also not been bored much since the 80s - so maybe that's all related.

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I'm dating out of boredom and also because I need to learn what I want. You have to have a relationship, or some sort of guarantee of working towards a meaningful relationship before you go enjoy things.

This is my first time being single for more than six weeks since I was 19. Otherwise it's "wasting your time." IMO dating out of boredom is probably the best thing you can do. That had been my goal since December and in the course of this...'just meeting people', I met a really wonderful man. So, Op if you're happy with your life,why this Thread?

In fact, I can't even think of the last time I was "bored". Not being a goof or anything, but I do raise an eyebrow when individuals depend on others for their own entertainment. I wouldnt call it dating out of boredom, I'd call it finding else fun and new to do.

Then again, I've never been defined as normal either. I can't put the cart before the horse; I've only wanted to date when I met someone I was attracted to/interested in knowing more about -, no.

Sometimes more comes of it, many times nothing does.

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