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According to Nordic legend, the "Elven Giants" (i.e.

Ils considèrent Azura comme leur seule protection contre les cauchemars abominables envoyés par Vaernima, que seul peut porter Nérévar ou sa réincarnation, le Nérévarine.

Azura a toujours eu une relation particulière avec les Dunmers.

Ancient Atmoran tradition depicts Shor as a bloodthirsty warrior-god, who led the descendants of the Wandering Ehlnofey (the Men) to victory over their Old Ehlnofey (the Mer) oppressors time and again.

Before his doom, Shor was called the King of the Gods, a title which has only been attributed to one other divinity; Akatosh.

This may be due to the fact that the Aedra can be killed as part of the divine contract of creation, meaning they too may have access to an afterlife of their own making, unlike the Daedra.

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