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She’s done it at least five times this week, and it’s only Wednesday. ” She’s precisely dressed in hot-pink, vintage-Chanel sunglasses — clout goggles, as they’re known on style blogs — and a costume that shows off her urban-strip-club Jessica Rabbit form: a hot-pink sequined bandeau top, matching high-waisted pants, and a hot-pink feathered coat.

In late September, with an assist from an online fan campaign, Cardi unseated Taylor Swift from her carefully plotted slot atop the popcharts, making Cardi the first solo female rapper in two decades to have a No. Her wig of the day, long and black, is flat-ironed to the gloss and fluidity of an oil spill. 2,” Cardi quietly responds to the flat-screen TV in her dressing room, a surge of anxiety in her voice.

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Even now, the ferocious opening bars to the song — “Said little in “bitch.” It’s dismissive and confident — a burn, an assertion, and a mic drop in one.

It’s the rap version of Don Draper shrugging, “I don’t think about you at all.” Women, and especially women of color, seem to love the song most, as an anthem of knowing your worth and getting what you deserve, of flipping expectations.

S., according to the 2017 Nielsen midyear music report, and so Cardi has a certain competitive advantage over her predecessors.

She can seem almost like a caricature of a female rapper who has remixed the vibes of those women who came before her.

Or, in Cardi’s own words: “It makes you feel like a bad bitch. 1 spot — two weeks before she won five of the nine BET awards she was nominated for, including Hustler of the Year — everyone wanted a piece of the Cardi moment.

Dating and appraising old bottles

Tariq Ramadan, who is not a member of the Brotherhood, is nonetheless a religious conservative—a “Salafi reformist,” in his words—who has long preached the virtues of female “modesty” in dress and sexual comportment.…
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