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A smooth-talking bank officer shows an interest in Regina and for Mother's Day, Steve decides that each of the boys will build something for Angela.Mike and Don succeed in making jewelry and recipe boxes; however, the more unskilled laborer Don does not want to build anything, since he is not interested in chalkboarding.First appearance of: Lovita Alize Jenkins, as well as Terri J. Steve and Cedric argue over Lovita making herself too much at home in the apartment, so Ced storms out and spends the night at Regina's.

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Steve blows off a banquet with the teenager he's mentoring so that he can prepare a romantic meal for Regina.

Meanwhile, Romeo gets a hand from his classmates after injuring his arm in a skateboard accident.

Meanwhile, one of Angela's friends is getting married and Regina's parents also visit to renew their wedding vows for their 40th anniversary, but Steve gets lost on the way and refuses to get directions, which leads them to end up in Michigan.

Elsewhere, Wanda babysits the boys, and they cheat her in card games.

Also, Romeo and his mother tries to consult Sara, Bullethead and Sophia parrot-nap a rival school's mascot about what to do with Don.

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