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" Sasuke yelled at his older brother, "I won't lose to you! "Then Sasuke leapt off his brother and ran towards Sakura saying, "Sakura-chan, let's call this a night! Sakura gasped, snapping out of her short trance, finding Sasuke choking Itachi on the floor."Cheater, cheater, cheater!

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" Sasuke was gritting his teeth, wanting to sink his fists into his brother's face. Sasuke was glaring at Itachi who was still ignoring him.

The studio crew then announced that the game will soon be starting and led them into three cubicles. The speakers boomed in sound and the audience cheered as the dating game kicked off with an introduction from the host, the Godaime Tsunade."Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to find a suitable dating partner for my young student, Haruno Sakura!

I-am-keeping-my-eye-on-Itachi, that's seven words." Tsunade reminded."I know that! would take you to the most romantic place I can think of and there we will spend the entire evening from candlelit dinner to star gazing." Lee managed to say.

" Sasuke yelled from behind door number 3."Excuse me, Mr.

: I do not own Naruto, any of its characters or components The Dating Game By Uchiha Xairylle---"I'm nervous! He looked at his student who was now all shaky and sweaty as if having undergone three hundred thousand sit ups so he put his hands on Lee's shoulders and said, "Lee, there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind and heart into it.

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