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It is crowned by a stunning church, built in the twelfth century, but with earlier, Anglo-Saxon origins.Perched on the steeper slope is one of the grandest and most complete Norman castles still standing.

The deepest, oldest pieces, found at spots all over the site, include around 20 flint tools such as scrapers, piercers, and blades, dating to the Neolithic (4000 B. “It would have been an obvious place for people to gather.

It would have given them a 360-degree view, enabling them to spot herds of animals moving across the levels below,” explains Peter Twinn, the project’s small-finds expert.

The oldest significant features uncovered so far reveal a Roman presence at the site.

A ten-foot-wide Roman track advances across the middle of the paddock trench near the castle, made of compacted small stones, complete with ruts from rumbling cartwheels.

The next occupants of the hill came from the other side of society and were probably very wealthy indeed.

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