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From missing out on deals due to his connection to the pop princess to forking out on trips and dinners - here's how much it costs to be Taylor's man.

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Breakfast is a sumptuous buffet with pastries, fresh fruit, homemade jam and hot dishes cooked to order.

For dinner, drinks and snacks, there’s the stylish hotel bar.

To minimize transaction costs, participants would fund their accounts in increments based on expected usage (e.g. Periodic payouts to charities would aggregate payments from multiple donors.

Example: Alice likes the opera, volunteers at the Humane Society and recently signed a petition to stop airlines from transporting big-game trophy hides.

There’s an IPO in the works for IAC subsidiary Match Group, which owns dating sites including Match, Ok Cupid and recent acquisition Plenty Of Fish. That’s why I came up with a concept for a Tinder killer, described below.

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