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If anything has changed in the fairness cream industry since then, it is that today the advertisements are less about making you feel bad about what color you’re born in and more about fair-skinned girls aiming for empowerment and gender equality at the same time being a visual delight to onlookers.

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One of them called me I pretended I didn’t hear him and walked away. I remember once my mother had asked me to get milk from the near-by milk booth, and while I was walking back home from there, I noticed two young men looking at me.

In the ninth grade, when I was at a friend’s house along with some other friends, one of them refused to drink coffee when offered and instead pointed at me and said, And then as the conversation went back to coffee and the odd logic of 14-year-olds, I sat there quiet and embarrassed among my group of friends, wishing I were invisible or just some place else. One of them whistled and the other blurted aloud was as new and shocking to me as being sexually harassed on the street for the first time. I hated taking pictures in a room that wasn’t well-lit because I knew that while the faces of all my fair-skinned friends would show up in the picture, mine wouldn’t.

If there was one good thing that TV brought into my drawing room during my growing up years, it was the I watched the show every afternoon after I came back from school, and apart from the obvious things that one would learn by watching the show, I learned that if I had the right amount of confidence and personality, I could pull off a neon-colored top just like Oprah Winfrey.

If I had the right amount of self-esteem and power within me, then I no longer needed to avoid buying clothes in colors such as white, yellow, orange and black – the colors that people said would look too bright on me or too dull or too ugly.

I told people I didn’t know anything about the culture I belonged to so that they could think I was just like them.

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