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After a seemingly drug induced dream showed her the strange half-elf half-bat figure, Ms.Florence Pretz patented the Billiken in 1908 as the answer to the upstart teddy bear fad going on at the time.However because it was the 60s, they were either too high or too busy strumming acoustic guitars atop beds of daisies to ever choose a mascot.

Winning the Least Creative Mascot Award is Syracuse University’s Otto the Orange (the fruit) who represents Syracuse’s athletic teams called the Oranges (the color) because obviously there’s nothing more orange than an orange, right?

Syracuse originally embraced a Native American character called the “Saltine Warrior” as their mascot until student protests forced the school to retire him in 1978.

In my time at Notre Dame, I think I have willingly gone to the gym a total of five times (and that is being generous).

However, this is not due to the fact that I am lazy or simply because I do not value my physical health.

The college’s administators attempted to shove the vegetable under the proverbial rug, but the rebellious students would have none of it.

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