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Global tax and auditing firm Deloitte has confirmed the company had suffered a cyber attack that resulted in the theft of confidential information, including the private emails and documents of some of its clients.

Deloitte is one of the largest private accounting firms in the U. which offers tax, auditing, operations consulting, cybersecurity advisory, and merger and acquisition assistance services to large banks, government agencies and large Fortune 500 multinationals, among others.

Computers Cutting Edge Gaming Robotics Communication Machines Media Military Money Tech Giants Technology Transportation Photography Radio Streaming TV A. Data Storage Hardware Internet Mobile Devices Operating Systems Software The Cloud Phones Here's everything you need to know about that clever little Central Processing Unit (CPU) inside your PC.

The CPU is the brains of the PC (and most electronic devices) and is responsible for carrying out calculations and handling pretty much anything that requires processing power.

Adidas’s line of custom 3D sneakers are all you really need to know when it comes to 3D printing’s potential as a manufacturing...

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