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They're getting married in Summit County on Saturday, Oct. But love almost didn't get a chance, thanks to a particularly shortsighted moment on Gallek's part. One of the I-Team directors said to her, "Do you know Ed Gallek? But personally, she's a soul mate." There have been some of those "sleeping with the enemy" jokes in their respective newsrooms, of course, but the reporters' romance was quickly accepted at both stations. And you hear more of the lighthearted comments from the people you cover.

We want you to be like him." "So I started looking at his work and thought, 'This guy is really good,' " Sinkovich said. "We were dating for a while before people realized it, so there was no, 'Gee, how is this going to work? They'll say, 'Well, should I call you first or should I call Peggy? But they respect the fact that we keep the personal side separate." They started dating in July 2013.

Gallek has been at Channel 19 since the summer of 1999.

Before joining the 19 Action News team, he spent four years at WEWS Channel 5. "So she is marrying an older man." Sinkovich has three adult children, two sons and a daughter, from a previous marriage.

A 12-year-old boy was shot dead by a stray bullet and five teens were wounded in gunfire in Cleveland on Friday night.

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