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The men stop kissing and Kevin tells Todd to get out. Mark comes out and approaches Rose, who immediately says she won't talk to the nurses for him. Bailey shakes her head in disbelief as Mark continues to try to convince Rose. They have to keep their personal life seperated from their work life. He's winning the Harper Avery Award and being celebrated all over the world. They enter the conference room and find out the union rep turns out to be Adele. There have been complaints about Sloan, which the hospital has ignored up until now. The guy from HR says there have been no official harassment complaints, but the board has decided to protect itself from possible future litigation. Adele tells Richard this is not about the money, as she has 50% of his. Lexie doesn't know what to do and decides to sing along, but Cristina makes it clear she has to go by giving her a look. One of Kyra's daughters asks Alex if he likes princesses. She wants to know what happens after they take out her mother's broken heart. Izzie asks Bailey if she can give test results to a patient's friend because she can't reach her patient. He didn't call me back, he's dating other women..." He's nasty! So let us all close our knees, and get back to our jobs, so he can get back to his job and help the people that really need it.

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Mark says that's ridiculous, but Adele asks Richard if he wants to wait until he has a $20 million lawsuit on his hands. Derek and Meredith are studying scans and they position the two needles. The girls didn't know about Snow White dying and turn to their dad to comfort them. Bailey tells her to master the basics of privacy if she ever wants to win a Harper Avery. Erica is looking at the article and says it is because she doesn't have a penis.

For the virus to have full effect, they need to inject the virus at the exact same time. Richard finds George and says he's been watching him. George then comes over to hand out the Date and Tell forms, but he skips Bailey. Izzie tells George he's a freak, but he says he's the Chief's intern. Callie doesn't know what she's talking about and is a bit thrown off. Erica wanted to wait to announce that until she won and then act all humble, but now Burke's ruined her act. Todd tells Darren he's stuck with him for four to six weeks then. But yet nowhere in that newspaper article does my name appear. And yet while everything is the same it's very, very different.

Kevin, Darren's father, is doubtful about the technique. A soldier appears in the doorway and says that Darren has survived two tours in Afghanistan, so he's used to risk.

Kevin called Todd, who used to be in a platoon with Darren, because he figured his son needed friends by his side. Mark, who was obviously getting busy, opens the door.

She doesn't think he's a good guy because he can only talk about sex. Darren never thought he'd meet his personal life at work.

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