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While I savor the fragrance of wet turf mixed with avgas exhaust as much as anyone, the thought of a 00 annual—and I’ve paid them—tends to turn the rose-colored glasses into a darker shade of cynical.

Not that I expect to ever pay a 00 annual for the Cub, which is exactly the best reason for owning a legacy LSA—not the magic of slipping the surly bonds on rag wings, but the smug satisfaction of doing it for the price of a cheap date at Bob’s Big Boy. Split the cost of an already cheap airplane two ways, three ways or four ways.

April 21, 2015 With their large, comfortable cabins, the Cessna 190/195 series airplanes are delightful cross-country machines—and amazingly safe in that role.

January 18, 2016 There are a lot of airplanes that are alleged to be good for backcountry operations by pilots who want to seriously recreate.

In doing research for this article, we spent an extended period speaking with the proprietors of Backcountry Aviation in Nampa, Idaho, Kasey Lindsay and Bob Hannah and with Jeff Welch, who gives type-specific utility/STOL training, primarily in the Husky, in Alpena, Michigan. … September 17, 2013 Since 1968, the 36-series Bonanzas has steadily built a solid record for workmanship, performance, handling and comfort.

We have long been impressed with the landing gear design on the Baron—it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to maintain.

Only two of the Baron accidents involved a system failure in which the pilot could not get the Firestones down and locked.

If owning your own airplane increasingly sounds unaffordable, it’s much less so in a partnership to the point that the monthly cost can be well under even a modest car payment.

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