Chicago dating coach

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She earned her JD from the University of Michigan Law School.

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Feinstein and Fergus both say their client base is evenly split between men and women.

In what may be a sign of growing social acceptance of romance counseling, Feinstein says she has seen a major uptick in her male clientele in the past year.

She also spent a year working with a psychiatrist to improve her understanding of psychology. But the nonprofit International Coach Federation, whose members offer personal coaching services in a variety of areas, claims a membership of 10,500 worldwide.

In 2002, she began offering her services as a dating coach. Because there is no central accreditation agency for personal coaches, information on the number of dating coaches in the U. Feinstein, who charges $100 per hour for her counseling services, tries to help her clients work through their challenges with a mixture of personal counseling and in-the-field coaching.

Dating coaches are not accredited as such by the APA but are often, like Feinstein, self-made.

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