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you need to kneel at My feet, lick My boots, and obey My commands. Quiet and discreet, offering all bondage and submissive training & play, with all the toys and tools that you would expect.

Ball busting, face sitting, spanking, flogging, foot & body worship, electrics, watersports mild, CP mild, role play, cbt, and anything else you can expect.

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Maitresse Unique Commandingly sensual, seductively cruel, dynamic dominatrix or mesmerizing mistress, I can and will be all things to you, as I confidently captivate you into sublime submission.

My penetrating green eyes and psychologically skilled personality create an amazing ambience, a tantalizing tension and pushes your limits as you meet my demands. There are many ways to inflict pain upon a victim (client/visitor) and as much as I enjoy inflicting pain I also enjoy mental pain, but I am also kind, generous, loyal and easy going.

Time spent with me is a journey of feelings and sensations, a unity of my imagination and yours. Kindly contact me with a request for your requirements, without fear of offending me. You will see this during your time here in my presence.

Those who see me will always be on their toes, as you will never know what to expect.

An array of implements & tools to cater for fetishes, BDSM practices, suspension and many senario's and activities catered for.

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