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The company charges an additional a month for that feature, which gives you as many as two upgrades per year.

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En español | So you're fed up with your cellphone provider over dropped calls, high bills, hidden fees and more, yet you can't end the relationship because you're tied to that pesky two-year contract.

Relief may be on the way: Carriers increasingly are abandoning the old contract model in favor of plans that offer phones with robust features — and a lot fewer restrictions.

Rather than wait until the end of the two-year agreement to get a new phone, you can be eligible after six months, as long as at least 50 percent of the phone's price is paid off.

When the phone is paid for, no more installment payments are required. plan, AT&T's early upgrade plan Next comes with no down payment, activation, upgrade or financing fees.

The cost of the phone is divided into 20 monthly payments, and you can upgrade after 12 months.

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