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) Sign in with your Twitter acct (preferred) or your mobile phone number Create your username. Broadcasting When you choose to share your broadcast to Twitter a post goes out like this letting your Twitter followers and the world know you’re live.You are not required to use your Twitter handle but if you have a following there it’s a good idea. When users click the link they’ll have the option of viewing on the web or opening periscope and watching there.

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If viewing on Periscope consider commenting to add value to the broadcast. Then do some searches for things you are interested in. Note: the broadcast continues to play behind the pop-up containing the bio. You will se a lot of gaming of this with people broadcasting “Will trade hearts for hearts!!!!!

For example Food and Wine magazine, Huffington Post, NBC, CNN and Ford are some obvious ones. Click on their profile and go to the link that lists who they follow.

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If you already use live chat on your site, there really is no reason to keep paying per agent!

If the broadcast isn’t saved for replay the user will only see a summary of the broadcast including the title, time and location (if you chose to share it).

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