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The Two Scoops section allows our Scoop staff to discuss what might happen, what has happened, and to take a look at the logistics of it all.

They stand by their opinions and do not expect others to share the same view point.

Next is Kate, who is totally spinning her own noose. I believe her when she says she wants to protect Chad and Di Mera Enterprises.

If Theo does everything literally, why did he run in the first place when told to stop? Like I said, I get big feelings from this storyline! Paul made a bad mistake by keeping the Will secret for any amount of time. Crazy "Susan" (Yup, still not convinced that's Susan) brainwashed Will to think he's E. She did so because she..know what, it really doesn't matter because this lets Chandler Massey and Eileen Davidson work together. I'm so glad Sami stopped Susan from leaving with him.

At first I was irritated with Hope for telling Abe so much about the investigation.

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