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The ad was praised as a clever send-up of Korean nationalism that also poked fun at the odd habit that Koreans sometimes have of professing something foreign as their own.

For instance, in 2009, a government body claimed that the most globally-recognizable Christmas tree originated in Korea, but wasn’t being properly attributed as such.

He’s normally on his own, but today his mother Alice has come in to help out.

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But apart from the evenly baked thin base, Kim’s pizza bears little resemblance to those slices.

He has toppings like bulgogi—marinated beef—and sweet potato and four different kinds of savory sauces: a homemade ranch with wasabi (his best-seller); one sans wasabi; tomato; and one made with , the spicy fermented soybean and chili paste.

Kim looks momentarily panicked—he needs to drop this order off before he can start cooking.

He quickly bundles up the boxes and hurries out to his car. “I have to hurry,” Kim says, while waiting for the lift at Seoul National University of Education, the delivery address, located around the corner from his eatery in the greater Gangnam district. “Most Koreans, they are not very patient when it comes to food.” “Why so late? Kim says his foreign customers never complain about waiting.

On online expat forums, pizza is a subject that elicits strong language and virtual throw downs.

Best korean online dating

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