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Enhanced bone strength A good number of the postures that define yoga are weight-bearing in nature and this feature alone is enough to keep infections such as osteoporosis away by strengthening the bones.

Poses such as the upward and downward facing dog have been designed to specifically strengthen the bones in your knees and arms.

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The poses associated with hip stability are also good for injury prevention especially in athletes because they enable free movement.

The hips play a crucial role of carrying the body’s weight and any exercise that works on the gluteus medius increases overall core strength and stability because this is the major stabilizer.

However, yoga is a continuous exercise and bone strength can only be enhanced after a long period of time.

Conclusively, there are multiple ways in which yoga benefits the body and the achievement of any desired result depends on the precise poses that you choose.

The squats give you strength and help to increase the mass of your muscles.

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