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by  |  13-May-2020 19:56

While paid-for antivirus software is beyond the scope of this group test, we hope to provide you with the information you’ll need to make an informed assessment about whether a pre-installed commercial package – such as those often bundled with new laptops – will be more, or less, effective than its free competitors.

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Due to the fact that it works in System Tray, you will not feel its presence until program updates are available.

All in all, Software Update is ideal for maintaining your computer up to date, by automatically scanning for available installed program updates.

There are millions of computers and other devices that get infected by viruses every year, and cleaning them up is a big business.

Some viruses are less serious – they simply pop-up an annoying message.

Although it’s the source of the majority of information and entertainment, it’s also a dangerous place when landing on suspicious websites or downloading files from untrusted locations.

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