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This is probably why I took so quickly to Fire Emblem Fates' system of relationship-building and romantic interludes.

There's just something sexy about being able to retire from the battlefield and head into your private quarters, with your supporters lined up for a moment alone with you.

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Soleil at first refuses, saying she can only think of the avatar as the woman she envisioned him as.

But then she relents, stating that she'll get used to him as a man because she loves him.

The relationships with Rhajat and Niles are also treated the same as other in-game relationships, with a confession of love following a lengthy courtship. There was one romantic arch I found a little hard to swallow: that of Soleil, the subject of the conversion therapy subplot that riled fans up when Fates launched in Japan last year.

In the original Japanese version, the male avatar gives Soleil--who is very open in her love of cute girls--a drug that makes her see women as men and men as women.

Similarly, if you're playing Conquest, you meet Niles, who will only strike up a queer relationship with a male avatar.

Avatar sex dating games

The worst for me is when meateaters think my appetizers are somehow communal when I'm not ordering anything and they are my whole meal. …
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