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In our attempt for perceiving the cognitive and doxastic process of Islamized Turkish community, based on Qutadqu-bilik, we try commentating the boundary between the good and evil in the aspect of this world, and the principles determining bifurcation between Heaven and Hell in the aspect of the hereafter.

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Eshrefoglu Rumi is a personage as being the founder of the cult called Eshrefiyye bounded to Kadiriyye that was attributed to Abdulkadir-i Geylani.

Because of this specialty he was accepted as Kadiriyye’s Pir-i Sani.

Within this scope, one of the important mirrors in which the difference between human and animal can be viewed is love as well.

The adventure of love’s beginning was Bazm-e Alast, and ending is baqa bi’llah.

On the other side, it intends to give the key of eternal expansion as an antidote for the thing going as it came.

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