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:( But the actors were pretty much fantastic tho despite the weak script. Black is the sweetest revenge drama I have ever seen,thank MBC! Black deserves higher tv ratings for sure, you know. Black 2 days agp and marathon watching it , now still have 2 more episodes to go, , , impressed by the chemistry of Black and Swan, , , the chemistry of the betrayal Sun Jae and Ma Ri also , , , Goodbye Mr.

Lee Jin Wook is utterly charming (I finally see his it! i want to be fair to actors and actresses of this drama,they are all very goid..they don't come up with a good ending. Black loves Kim Swan, the way he guarded and protected her unconditionally, I like the way Kim Swan patiently wait for Mr. Both male and female leads portrayed their roles very nicely and the antagonist role by Kim Kang Woo and the veteran actor Jeong Kuk Hwan were perfectly presented. Their surprising love story as the second lead couple was mesmerising and I had to go back to the first episode till the last one to watch the tears and pain they went through together. Black deserves high rating , I rate it 9/10 ! Lee Jin Wook's style of acting looks flat but I found it is his own style in portraying his character and I start falling in love with his style of acting that makes him unique and special...

love love Sun Jae's and Mari's love story have been playing all their parts from episode one to twenty the actors' acting were daebak too hope they will also win/be recognised for the best/favourite couple award I love to watch you more n more , Chaewon ssi... I am on my 3rd time already and I am far from done. Love how black stayed true to his love for swan even with his.......?

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I think he's a humble person, natural and fun to be with.

All casts who had ever worked with him in his other dramas always showed very natural acting skills.

His scenes when his father died ,when he knows Sun Jae betrayed him, when he cried to find his younger sis is blind, and II like the most the scenes when he and Sun Jae talked at the prison,full of emotions!

So, I do not agree he is flat , even his voice delivering emotions very perfectly!The sound of his crying when his father died ,when he saw his father frozen dead corpse after 5 yrs's death , and when his scream of great pain of illness and Swan asked him to not endure the pain,just scream it out lloud , his voice of scream of the pain was really real, just like one who is really suffering in pain, I cried when I heard his crying and screaming voices and of course combined with his perfect acting and facial expressions that described all just like in real, I relly find him a good and talented actor ! Love the chemistry between black and swan.( shipper here) I don't know how many times I will have to watch it to get over it. Again, the chemistry between the leads is daebak!!!

I noticed in the early episodes that Ji-Ryoon turned it over on his desk when Black walked into his office.

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