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In the past Olsen has said that she thinks she is a 50-50 combination of both of her sisters.

“I don’t know if that’s still accurate,” she tells me now.

“My parents didn’t know much about the industry, so they just surrounded themselves with people who did,” Olsen says. I love anything that is weird, big and creepy.” Letting it be known that she was in the market for blockbusters, not only independent films, Olsen had two meetings with the Marvel team, then met with Joss Whedon, the Avengers director.

I love him and his wife, Sam [Taylor-Johnson, who directed Fifty Shades of Grey], and spent lots of time with them when we were shooting in London.” As for the rest of the cast, Olsen says – predictably – that they all got on well. Paul Bettany [the Vision] is hilarious, Downey’s the kindest, Renner is a really funny person.

I didn’t spend much time with Scarlett because they filmed her separately when she was pregnant.

“They’re amazing, diligent, kind, beautiful, hard-working women who have tons of responsibility and are great at what they do,” Olsen says.

In the meantime Elizabeth – or Lizzie, as she is known – has gently manoeuvred herself into the limelight.

“If anyone ever hacked my computer or i Pad, all they would find would be videos of me singing in my car – I lip-synch and send the videos to my friends.” She says that she has never been tempted to rebel, not even as a teenager. ’ I said, 'I’m sorry, I’m really insecure today.’ Even though I wasn’t.

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