Are dominic monaghan and evangeline lilly still dating

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She also looks phenomenal in a bikini — a fact that Lost's producers haven't been shy about taking advantage of.

Lilly has become the ultimate desert-island fantasy of 2005 — the tough girl with improbably well-conditioned hair who could kill you a boar but still look fabulous at the end of the day.: an airplane traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles makes a crash landing on a remote island, leaving forty-eight survivors and a lot of luggage.

The island has a whole lot of unexplained hazards, including a murderous tribe of "Others," a polar bear, an invisible monster and a weird goddamn hatch in the ground.

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SAYID (Naveen Andrews) - The one terrorist who tests well. Outsider of the group because he can't speak English, has no personality, and never needs to shave. Should they ever have a romance and get married the island will be renamed West Virginia. Likes the Patriots on Sunday but says "take the points, brother." BENJAMIN (Michael Emerson) - The leader of "the Others" (another group of island inhabitants.

When he's 50 and living in a trailer park, he's lucky if Bea Arthur gives him a second look. CLAIRE (Emilie de Ravin) - Had a baby on the island. Is really Jack's sister but neither of them knows that.

She also dated with Norman Kali and they both have a child also.

Evangeline Lilly is still not planning to marry with her boyfriend.

is an ongoing serialized adventure, if you haven't been watching you might be a little, well.. CHARACTERS: JACK (Matthew Fox) - A handsome doctor who the castaways look up to, not because of his leadership ability but because the actor has a feature career. A joint the size of a piñata would do him a world of good. JOHN (Terry O'Quinn) - Miraculously able to walk on the island. Meanwhile, on the island we're introduced to yet a new group of folks -- the Freighter People (alternate name: The Other Others).

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