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The actual closure was delayed by about three months because the new depot at Empress Road wasn’t ready. By then rubber window mounts and ‘new-look’ fronts were well established.

Perhaps Southampton valued standardisation more than up to the minute styling as these were the last of a very large batch of early post-war Guys. The next batch to arrive was the PD2 with Midland Red front, then the PD2A and Regent V before the Atlantean.

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The indicators were one of two versions offered by East Lancs/Neepsend at the time.

The other type was fitted at the same height but on short arms protruding from the body with round orange plastic covers so the indicator could be seen from both front and rear.

These lights were quite ornate in shape, and had been used since the first buses were fitted with flashers (on the front only as I recall).

I think they might have been made by Rubbolite, they were the same as fitted to Dodge 500 series trucks.

Who came up with the idea of those front indicators above the mirror line.

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