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Periodically, I’ll have to actually show someone the com client to illustrate that I can check my email just like normal people.

24, 1994—the beginning of my senior year of high school and two days before my 16 century. Once you had that colorful, shrink-wrapped CD, all you needed was a working phone line, a modem, and a credit card.

A few obnoxious clicks, beeps, and whirrs later, you were good to go.

The late ’90s and early ’00s coincided for me with the end of adolescence and the intimidating first years out in the real world.

My email address was an early incubator of my social life. I kept mostly to myself and focused on my schoolwork.

Am I hoping to brag that I never let go of my original one? Is my commitment to my AOL address based on some subconscious loyalty to a brand that helped shape my teen and young adult years and carved the beginnings of a personal and professional path that I still walk today?

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