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Porfirio Rubirosa: The Dominican diplomat, polo player, and race car driver had a monster cock.

Truman Capote said it was, "an 11-inch cafe au lait sinker as thick as a man's wrist." One of his lovers said it was over 13 inches long.

He is cut and constantly makes innuendoes about his cock size.

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They were compared to the Marx Brothrs and had considerable success in movies such as "Hotel Anchovy", "Sing, Baby, Sing", "One in a Million", "On the Avenue", "You Can't Have Everything", "Life Begins in College", "The Goldwyn Follies", "Kentucky Moonshine", "Straight Place and Show", and "The Three Musketeers".

Harry Ritz along with his friends Milton Berle and Forrest Tucker founded "The Long Schlong Club of Bel Air".

He was cast as Superman mostly because he resembles Christopher Reeve.

"Superman: The Man of Steel" is currently in production with Routh.

In fact, they had to digitally reduce his crotch bulge in the movie because of complaints that it was too distracting. Brandon is extremely well-endowed and they don't want it up on the big screen.

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