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4-Proof protection Your irreplaceable experiences are safeguarded.

PRO Plus has 4-proof protection, so it can withstand up to 72 hours in seawater¹, extreme temperatures², airport X-ray machines³ and magnetic fields?

Ketahanan terhadap cipratan, air, dan debu tidak berlaku secara permanen dan daya tahan mungkin berkurang akibat penggunaan sehari-hari.

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When his safety is jeopardized, he must choose whether to stay in the country he loves or seek asylum elsewhere as a refugee. In the film, adults share memories of the time when their parents first tried to explain sex to them.

HALF A LIFE is a timely story of activism and hope, set in the increasingly dangerous, oppressive, and unstable social climate of Egypt today. Using actual recordings of these recollections and a mix of hand drawn images, photographs, computer generated images as well as stop frame animated toys and props, the memories of several individuals have been caringly recreated in order to best present the awkwardness of one of life’s strangest occurrences.

Torill Kove was born and raised in Norway and now lives in Canada.

Her three previous short films have all been nominated for the Academy Award, and Kove won the award with Every night, Bob is transfixed by the vision of a woman dancing outside his window; every morning, he struggles to make sense of it.

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