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has taught us anything, it's that relationships are messy.

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And these were the most popular letters of 2017 – based on page views.

Men and women are always asking me, “How do I meet someone?

In the end, I realized I was trying to make myself love him, and it wasn't working and that wasn't fair to him.

I didn't date much for about a year after I broke up with him, and a few months ago met a guy who is a much better match.

But, something happened a couple days ago that ignited the spark for my Love Essentially column, and it had to do with the potential of a romantic relationship that can stem from Linked In or another business networking site. What better place to meet the love of your life than during an event where you’re dressed nicely and aiming to be on your best, most polite and charming behavior? A professional setting, whether in the office or even online, highlights the drive and ambition in others, which can prove to be a huge turn on. If you look at a person’s Linked In profile, it almost always includes their qualifications, achievements, skills, and even references. Posting all of this is great if you’re trying to get ahead in business, but aren’t these the same types of things you are selling a potential mate?

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