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We have been married 13 years and he told me six weeks ago he wanted a seperation. Can the depression, withdrawal and anger stages happen all at the same time? We have three children who are very busy and honestly our marriage came second to the craziness of life. Sex with husband during MLC or uncertainty A month ago hubby said he needed space and didn't know what he wanted anymore and so he moved a few things into a friend's house, since then he has visited … Can a mid life crisis end in as short as a couple months?My husband, 37, and I have been together 16 years and married 10. His attraction towards woman 10 yrs younger to him I am a 37 yr old lady with a 5 yr old child six months back I met this 47 yr old man with a wife and two teenage children. Husband had an enalarged prostrate and went off the rails My husband got to fifty and believed going to die at 60 as parents did . About 7 weeks ago my husband of 14 years said he didn't want to be married anymore out seemingly out of the blue. Husband wants to live separte, his 41 and he told me he wasn't happy.

We were both college sweethearts and he was my first and only love as well as for him. Hi, my nou x boyfriend is going through sort of a crisis Hi, my x Moved out and in with one of his friends.

Before that, he has been distant, slept a lot, rude. is he going through a midlife crisis and will he come back I think my husband (37) is going through a mid life crisis.

Hi Noel, I'm 52 and been happily married for 16 yrs, stable in my career and financials, always had good health.

About 9 months ago I started having unexplainable …

Please include as much detailed information as you can about the situation to help me better answer to your questions.

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