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Priority sites for December 2017 are: We will endeavour to visit other mobile enforcement sites throughout the county, but motorists should expect a regular presence at these sites in December.

To look for fixed, mobile and red light cameras on Gloucestershire’s road network click here.

Gloucestershire Casualty statistics Every year on Gloucestershire’s roads, there are more than 1000 personal injury road traffic accidents, resulting in approximately 1500 casualties.

The Road Safety Team maintains statistics on all personal injury road accident records within the county. Read more about Your community can access information about Gloucestershire’s casualty statistics and facts, detailed information about safety schemes that are being introduced and why, as well as the monitoring of accidents.

Further down the page are links to all of the statistics. Read more about Use directional arrows to move around the map and use ‘ ’ &’ –‘ to zoom into the particular area you are interested in, you can display either the camera positions or collisions by clicking in the check box adjacent to...

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