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To round out the first session, Yankovic recorded "Confessions Part III", a play on "Confessions Part II" by Usher.

The song purports to be a continuation of the Usher songs "Confessions" and "Confessions Part II", focusing on trivial, silly, strange, and disturbing confessions; Yankovic explained that, "After hearing Usher do [the original songs], I couldn’t help but think that maybe he’d left a few things out, that there were a few confessions he had yet to make." The first of these is a play on "Do I Make You Proud" by Taylor Hicks, in which a singer addresses the object of his affection and stalking; the song was also Yankovic's jab at American Idol, a musical competition show that Hicks had won in May 2006.

Yankovic joked that the reason the song was written was because "my pancreas has given so much to me over the years, I felt like I needed to give something back to it".

On February 19, 2006, Yankovic began working on the album's parodies.

Straight Outta Lynwood is the twelfth studio album by "Weird Al" Yankovic, released on September 26, 2006.

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