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In the beginning, Connex got the prefix 92 and Dialog got 94.

Calling a Connex mobile from any phone in the country was 0-92-xxx-xxx.

Each town or county has its own special services, callable with the same number throughout the country.

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Since Sun Tel, the prefix has been changed from 018 to 098 (now 0788).

In 1996, the first private phone companies, Connex and Dialog, were allotted from the remaining prefixes, which were county-like, 2 digits, prefixes.

At the same time, no-charge numbers were allocated to special prefixes or to the Bucharest area code, looking like 01800-xxxx .

Under a special agreement, even before this reform, foreign operators could be reached at various numbers, usually in the prefix 800 (AT&T used 01800-1800).

Afterwards, Connex also got 91 and 93 area codes, Dialog got 95 and 90, the newly founded Zapp Mobile got 98, and Cosmorom 96.

Adult date tel talk lines

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