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This is a good time to throw swimbaits that resemble trout. Jigging spoons are doing well on largemouth bass and yellow bass at both Apache and Saguaro.

The fish will be deep and the schools must be found by using electronics.

Information for the Fishing Report is periodically provided by anglers, as well as the experts at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Anglers, Liar’s Korner, Phoenix Fishing Supply, Pinetop Sporting Goods, Pro Bass Adventures, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Lake Mary Country Store, Parker Canyon Lake store, Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond and H&M Landing in San Diego. 28, 2017Short cast In case you haven’t noticed, temperatures have been falling all over the state and freezing temperatures are the norm in the high country.

Reports indicate Big Lake in the White Mountains has ice and in the Flagstaff area an ice cover is being experienced at Ashurst and both Lake Marys.

Central waters Pleasant The annual Agua Fria River bald eagle closure at the northern end of the lake is now in effect and will last until June 15.

The closure allows adult eagles to breed, nest and raise new birds with as little interference as possible.

The lake has risen 2 feet or so during the last seek and the water temperature has dropped from the mid-50s to low-50s. Roosevelt Bass action here has been slow, according to reports, as the bass and baitfish are moving into deeper water due to cooler water temperatures.

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