Adult chat line bloopers

by  |  28-Jun-2020 23:48

It's not quite in the top ten percent, but it comes close. More short stories: John Cheever's The Stories of John Cheever. It gathered dust for over 20 years until I decided I was never going to read it.

It wound up donated to the Friends of the Omaha Library ten years ago.

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I'm starting to think I might live long enough to read all the winners of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction after all.

James Alan Mc Pherson's Elbow Room won in 1978 so at this point there are less than 40 left for me to get to.

Born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1943, by the time Mc Pherson was in his early 30s he was a contributing editor at the Atlantic Monthly magazine and had been published in numerous other top tier periodicals such as Harper's.

He began writing short fiction while studying law at Harvard University.

Even allowing for the fact that a new one gets added to the list almost every year, if I read at least 5 per year I might manage to make it through them all before I take a dirt nap. Of course, I could whip through the list fairly fast if I didn't insist on using the public library to get them.

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