Sexchatbot - Access denied updating

by  |  10-Nov-2019 01:50

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In terms of the exact error we see the following when trying to log into the terminal server and it can last about 5 minutes or so then its ok for days or weeks.

Server-Blogs-Components-Weblog Files/00-00-00-54-33-metablogapi/8228.image001_5F00_following text is from this link TS/thread/8405bed7-57a8-4b54-b968-6b0e00f367dd I had the same issue.

It is happening with increased frequency these last two months. No errors seem to show at the same time as the "Access Denied" and then 5 mins later everything seems to work fine again.

Just to add this problem only started occurring about 18-24 months after the server was built.

You need to add the Impersonating user to the Debug folder of your Solution as the Framework will try to access the DLL from this location and place it in Temporary Asp. So basically follow these 2 steps In my case it was due to the Access Protection feature of my anti-virus (Mc Afee).

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