A street smart dating guide 100dating site in portland pallet

by  |  23-Mar-2020 14:45

You might also layer a collared shirt under a wool sweater, though make sure both are really sharp to avoid steering too close to the casual arena.Some men hear the words “smart casual” and think they’re finally free to wear their favourite tee out to a social engagement. Yes, you can rock a nice t-shirt underneath your blazer or jacket, but bear in mind that the t-shirt should still operate as a piece to the broader, stylish whole.

You can go with something directly dressy like an Oxford or loafer, or opt for footwear that’s more casual.

Should you choose the latter, you want to avoid overly athletic sneakers. Similarly, the closest you should get to sandals is a pair of clean, tasteful moccasins, espadrilles or similar.

And while a nice leather belt is more or less mandatory, everything else is up to you.

In general, you want accessories that accentuate your personal style without veering too far in the direction or either formal wear or street style.

More to the point, make sure it’s a clean t-shirt that touts quality material and a tight fit.

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