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Our slideshow of sex positions during pregnancy will inspire you and your partner to find techniques that work. Communication and openness are the keys to maintaining or improving sexual satisfaction during your pregnancy. Bartellas E, Crane JMG et al, 2000, Sexuality and sexual activity in pregnancy. Watch our short video to find out if there are any activities you shouldn't do while you're pregnant. Hygiene practices and sexual activity associated with UTI in pregnant women.

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If you feel positive about your pregnancy and the changes your body is undergoing, you're likely to feel more sexual.

But if you're not particularly happy about the pregnancy or feel insecure about your growing tummy or other issues, this can have a negative effect. Changes in sexual desire and activity during pregnancy among women in Shahroud, Iran.

You won't hurt your baby by making love, even with your partner on top. Sex and Pregnancy: A Descriptive Analysis of Partnered and Solo Sexual Activity among Two Samples of Women.

The thick mucus plug that seals your cervix helps guard against infection. American Public Health Association Johnson CE, 2011.

Pregnancy and Changes in Female Sexual Desire, Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal31 (6):603-611 Sacomori C and Cardoso FL, 2012.

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